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A List of the Best Android App Review sites

List of the best Review sites to submit Startup for App

We have seen some tips for Promote Your Android Application. All the tips were very useful. But, which is the best way for promoting app for getting more user? Every developers have this question. I suggest you get your app reviewed by experts who can promote your Android app.

There are thousands of Android app review sites (Free & Paid) in existence today. Here, I give you 50  FREE :-) Android app review sites.

A List of the Best Android App Review sites


  1.  Cnet 
  2.  Softonic
  3.  Android Apps Review
  4.  Newborn Startups
  5.  Appolicious
  6.  App Brain
  7.  Appszoom
  8.  Hacker news
  9.  Reddit – Startups
  10.  StartUpLift
  11.  Launching Next
  12.  StompStart
  13.  Launch List
  14.  The Startup Pitch
  15.  Kickoff Boost
  16.  Feedmyapp
  18.  BetaList
  19.  Apps400
  20.  Apps4Review
  21.  AppsMirror
  22.  Apps To Use 
  23.  Web App Rater
  24.  Android Police
  25.  Android Rundown
  26.  AppAppeal
  27.  App Review Central
  28.  Ask Your Android
  29.  Into Mobile
  30.  Life Of Android
  31.  Pocket-lint
  32.  Engadget
  33.  WhatsmyApp
  34.  Hello Android
  35.  AndroidAppsGallery
  36.  Best Android Apps Review
  37.  Appsplit
  38.  Android Social Media
  39.  Crazy Mike’s app
  40.  Android App Log
  41.  Phandroid
  42.  AppStrom
  43.  Get Android stuff
  44.  101 Best Android Apps
  45.  Android Community
  46.  Apps Apk
  47.  webdev2.0
  48.  App Apes
  49.  APPMIT
  50.  Discover Cloud

If you will submit your app into these review sites then you surely get best reviews. You can also get more users from this sites for your Android App. In next article, we will learn another way for promoting Android App. I hope you like this article. Share your ideas with us in the comments.

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