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Android 6.0 Marshmallow introduce new feature: Doze

Android 6.0 Marshmallow introduce new feature: DozeWe all hate running out of battery. We all want better battery life and any improvement is good. Well this ain’t just a software fix like Battery Saver feature introduced with previous. Android 6.0 Marshmallow wants to ease our pain by making use of a new function called Doze to improve device standby time. App Standby allows the system to determine that an app is idle when the user is not actively using it.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow introduce new feature: Doze

Understanding Doze :

  • If a user leaves a device unplugged and motionless for a period of time, with the screen off, the device enters Doze mode. In this mode, devices periodically resume normal operations for brief periods of time so that app syncing can occur and the system can perform any pending operations. When the dozing feature is enabled, the device still continues to send notifications about priority-based activities. Doze reduces battery consumption by deferring background CPU and network activity for apps when the device is unused for long periods of time. 

Let’s see a small video of a Doze feature in android M.

  • Doze can affect apps differently, depending on the capabilities they offer and the services they use. Many apps function normally across Doze cycles without modification.
  • Doze, this feature can suspend network access for apps that are asking for it but not actually doing anything in the foreground. You can set just about anything to ignore battery optimizations currently, but it’s an individual opted in list so you can add or remove as you see fit.
  • When the device enters Doze mode, network access is disabled. Wake locks (an app’s request to keep your phone awake so it can do background processing) get ignored. System Alarms (not user-set alarm clock alarms) and the Job Scheduler are shut down, too. All background processing is shut down. You would often pick up a device after it was idle for a few hours and, without turning on the screen, it would instantly start receiving notifications. Moving it took it out of Doze mode, it connected back to the Internet, and the phone started receiving notifications.
  • Battery life is particularly important for any mobile device, and smartphones are no exception. With the new Android Marshmallow, Google added a feature called “Doze”, that will help save a lot of energy when you leave your smartphone on a table for several hours. According to Google, Doze can make your battery last about 30 percent longer.

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