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How to hide images in Android Device?

How to hide images in Android Device?In the previous article, we have seen trouble shooter android application “Safe Box” for hiding Images, videos, files and lock applications. 

People installed Safe Box but sometimes they don’t know how to hide images into Safe Box. So today we are going to discuss step by step process for hiding images.

How to hide images in Android Device?

How to hide images in Android Device?

First of all Download Safe Box from Google play store.

1. When you open the application for the first time, you will have to choose the type of security credential you would like to apply. You can set up a complex Password, a PIN, or a Pattern. 

Choose Lock Type

Now, you are ready to hide your private images.

Enter pin to unlock

2. After login, you are able to see the main menu includes, Contacts, Videos, Audios, Images, Documents, Apps.

Home Page of Safe Box

3. Select Images option from a menu. Now you can see “My images” folder and “+” Symbol to add Folder.

Secret Images

4. You will get a pop up for creating a new folder by clicking “+” symbol.

Create New Folder

5. Enter your folder name and Create your own folder in Safe Box.

Secret Images

6. After click on your created folder and again you see “+” symbol for adding images in the folder.

Secret Images

7. By clicking on that symbol, you can see your gallery images in Safe Box.

Select image from gallery for import

8. There are 2 options available: SELECT ALL & IMPORT

Import image from gallery

9. Now you can select one or multiple or all images and add those images into Safe Box by clicking on IMPORT option.

Secret Images

This is the easiest method for hiding images.

For more details you can refer this video:

I hope after read this article you can easily hide your private images into Safe Box. Now you don’t have to worry of any images, apps, videos, files being exposed to anyone by accident.