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How to Hide Secret images, Videos, Apps, Documents in your Android device

How to Hide Secret images, Videos, Apps, Documents in your Android deviceEvery one of us has secrets that people would not wish to be disclosed to others. 
A phone is no more a little device that is used to make and receive calls. It is also used for accessing E-mail, storing important documents, password, images/ photos, videos, audios and any other confidential data.

In most cases, it doesn’t make a difference to us if someone near and dear to us see them, but many of us store such data that we would not like to reveal to others. 

You want to hide images, videos, application, documents, audio in one app, but don’t want to pay for it. Then install Safe Box – No In-app purchase, ultimate 100% FREE app for all kinds.

How to Hide Secret images, Videos, Apps, Documents in your Android device

The privacy in Mobile is very essential. Get relax and Don’t worry for your secret and confidential data on your mobile device. The solution of your all worries is “Safe Box”Now you can easily hide your private data and lock unlimited applications in your smartphone. Safe Box protects specific images, videos, apps, audios. So you don’t need to lock the entire device. Safe Box’s main aim is to protect and secure your data.

Safe Box is 100% FREE for Premium Features: 

1. Hide Unlimited Images: Hide your private moment photos from the world. Only accessible from your Safe Box. Make it more private with Safe Box.

Hide Unlimited Images

2. Hide Unlimited Videos: If you have your private videos in your android device and you want to hide them, then you can easily hide your private videos in Safe Box.

Hide Unlimited Videos

3. Lock Unlimited Application: You can hide multiple installed applications like Facebook, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Hike, Email, G-mail, Line, Skype and many applications lock in Safe Box. The only user have the power to open that app!

Lock Unlimited Apps

4. Hide Unlimited Contacts: You don’t want to show your personal contacts into your mobile’s Contacts. Safe Box has the facility to hide your unlimited contacts.

Hide Unlimited Contacts

5. Hide Unlimited Voice Conversation – Audio files: Hide your private voice conversation easily with the help of Safe Box.

Hide Unlimited Audios

6. Protect Confidential Data: You can protect your confidential data/ files like Bank Statement, Business proposal docs, and many other important documents, Make it safer with Safe Box.

Hide Unlimited Files

7. Invisible Mode (Safe Box Hide Itself): Safe Box App Icon hide from the Home screen and Dashboard of your phone. When stealth mode is activated, the Safe Box icon will disappear and application can be opened again by entering your password via the phone dial pad, You can set your own Dial Code to open Safe Box.

Select Check Box

8. Security Option: Safe Box gives you three types of security options for better security of your secret apps

  • PIN Lock
  • Password Lock
  • Pattern Lock

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9. Feedback: If you want to give your feedback, Safe Box has a facility as a feedback option. You can send feedback via email from Safe Box. It will be our pleasure to add that features.


10. Auto Backup – If in case Safe Box is uninstall from your device then no worries. Auto-backup restore your data after the secondary installation process.

11. Password Retrieval:  You will forget your password, Safe Box will send the password to your email id. Easy to retrieve forgotten password.

12. Language: No worry about language because Safe Box also supports the French language.

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You can Download Safe Box From Google Play Store.


For more details check the official web page of Safe Box.