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How to Manage Call Log history in Smart device

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You know that your smart device is not able to store your Call Log for the long term. :-(  Devices can store Call Log history only for few months. Your device does not provide the backup feature. Sometimes it becomes important to go through the call log to search Incoming, Outgoing or Missed calls for different purposes. Now, if you want to do analysis on your call durations then your smartphone does not provide report charts on your call log.

Call Logger is your Solution for all the problems. Call logger’s main aim is to maintain Call history with backup and chart report features. There are many other features included managing your call logs easily and efficiently.

Call Logger

Call Logger maintains the history for  all types of the calls separately, and even if your device deletes the call logs you can still access previous call logs using Call Logger.

How to Manage Call Log history in Smart device

Download Call Logger App with many premium features. Let’s know detail list of Call Logger’s features.

1.) Maintain and Manage Call Log:

Call Log(Incoming, Outgoing, Missed Call)

  • In Call Logger, you can Apply filters by Time Duration (All, Today, Last week, Last Month and custom time duration) :-)

Filter Call Log

  • You can sort the call history by Ascending and Descending order wise.

Ascending & Descending Order

  • View calls Group By Date and Group By Name

Group by arrange Call Log

  • Backups created in XML and CSV Format in your device.
  • Remove unwanted calls easily by selecting one by one from the Call logger.
  • Quickly search by contact name
  • You can check statistics of particular contact from the call log.

2.) Manage Contacts:

  • You can access your contacts
  • Only one click on contact and you can Call, send SMS and make a favorite/ unfavorite contact.
  • The users can check their favorite Contacts list and recently used contact list

Manage ContactList3.) Statistics (Chart reports):

  • Display relevant statistics for each user or for the entire call history Check how much you talk in a day, in a month, or even a year. This feature helps you for analysis.

Statistics of Call Log

  • Filter your Statistics by Time Duration ( All, Today, Yesterday Last week, Last Month, Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 30 days and custom time duration).

Filter Option in statistics

  • A pie chart to show the time spent on each contact.
  • Check the longest call duration in statistics.

4.)  Auto Delete call:

  • Set contacts as Auto delete.

Auto delete contact

  • This feature deletes call logs immediately after the call ended from a particular number right after adding the contact into Auto Delete Option.
  • You can not able to see that contact’s call history into Call log

5.)  Add Fake call:Add Fake Call into Call Logger


  • Add Fake call (incoming, outgoing, missed call)
  • You can use any number, contact, date, duration.
  • Select incoming, outgoing or missed for the type of fake call inserted into your call log.

6.) Backup/ Restore:

  • Call Logger provides the option to backup call history so that you can restore it later.

  • Quick Restore your Data from your device and G drive

Restore Data


Now you can easily manage your call log history in your smart device. Call Logger‘s main aim is to manage and maintain users’ call log history. For more detail Watch this video.

You can Download Call Logger From Google Play Store.Call Logger Logo

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