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INVISIBLE MODE – Hide Safe Box Icon itself

INVISIBLE MODE – Hide Safe Box Icon itself

In the previous article, we have seen trouble shooter android application “Safe Box:-) and  hide images in Android device.  People installed Safe Box, but they don’t know Safe Box has a FREE Premium Feature of INVISIBLE MODE – Hide Safe Box Icon itself.

INVISIBLE MODE – Hide Safe Box Icon itself

So, today we are going to discuss step by step process for INVISIBLE MODE of Safe Box icon.

INVISIBLE MODE – Hide Safe Box Icon itself

  1. First of all, open Safe Box from the launcher. It will show you Password screen.

Unlock Safe Box

2. Enter your Password.

Enter Pin

3. It will redirect you to the homepage of Safe Box.

Main Menu

4. Click on options. It will show you a menu as shown in below image.

Option menu

5.Now click on Settings.


6.When you click on App Icon Settings it will display,

  • Hide Icon
  • Dial Code

App Icon Setting

7. Select Check Box of Hide Icon

Select Check Box

8. When you click on Dial Code option, it will open popup box:

Popup Box

9. Change new code according to your choice and click OK button.

Change Dial Code

10.  Now exit from Safe Box.

11.  Wow!! You have done it. Safe Box icon is in Hide Mode. 😀

12 Now whenever you want to open Safe Box, go to your dialer and type your code:

Dial Code from dialer

13. Make a call that code and it will redirect to Safe Box.

Unlock Safe Box

14. For the easy visible mode of Safe Box click on Settings (step-5) and unselect check box of Hide icon. Now you can see Safe Box icon in the launcher.

For more easy visible option for Invisible Mode of Safe Box you can see this video:

After reading this article, you can easily hide your Safe Box from the launcher. Now you don’t have to worry of any images, apps, videos, files being exposed to anyone by accident. I hope you like this article. Share your reviews. Happy Learning !!

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  • Sanjusha Narayanan

    i forgot the code……what shall i do now??

    • Hello,

      Please click on forgot password button on home screen., SafeBox system will send you password details.

      Let me know if you have any other difficulty.

      • Sanjusha Narayanan

        really worked out !!! thank u so much………:)

  • Sanjusha Narayanan

    i have one more problem……. as soon as i connect my mobile to pc using usb cable…auto touch starts working and messes up with my mobile……….can u provide me with a solution for this??

  • Janet Esparza

    I accidentally set the app to invisible mode and didn’t realize there was a code to open the app. What do I do please help me!

  • Vinay

    Hi sir,i have follwed all your steps and set the hide enbling mode while valling #1234 ,it worked ones but later on i couldnt launch my safebox app anymore.all my data is in this app.but there is no way of seeing the app any more.can you help me out with this

    • Hi Vinay,

      Don’t worry your data will remain safe.
      Restart device once and try to dial your secret code to open that app. If it didn’t work, do reinstall that app from Google play, it will revert your password. Data will remain as it is.

      Also do send us your device details, so our team can find proper issue and solution for that.

  • Vijay Sharma

    Hi Dear
    I am using Lenovo K3 note but safe box app is not showing hide option.
    tell me how to hide this app and open from dialer also.
    Vijay Sharma

  • kiran Kumar

    I am using vivo v7 but safe box app is not showing hide option.
    tell me how to hide this app and open from dialer also.