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Promote Your Android Applications


Promote Your Android ApplicationsIn pulse7, we have created many small android application like: How to send SMS Message from Android Application, Contacts Content Provider in Android , Android Text to Voice . After that we studied about Digitally Signed Your Android Application for launch / publish android application on Google Play or other Stores. But published application needs promotion for getting more users.


Promote Your Android Applications

In this tutorial we will see some tips for promoting published android application.

  • Make a video – Make a couple of an expositor youtube video showing your app in action and showing how the app can help / entertain people. It’s a great way to entice and engage with your customers, and let them see your app before they purchase. You can make videos using different types of tools like PowToon , WeVideo, Prezi  , etc…
  • Web Page – Create a web page with download link and screenshots of your app/ game so that the app looks professional and provides the users and reviewers with good feedback, clear idea and support. Let see some examples of web page Path , WeChat , mCent ,  etc..
  • Create a blog – Write up a press release (catchy headline, what your app does, why it is better – have a good angle, explain their utility, usability and quality) and send it to every news / tech / related website you can find. Who knows!! 1 or 2 websites out of the 100s might write something about you, which can get you 100s of downloads. You can upload blog on ,  etc..
  •  Use social mediaPromote your mobile app on social media and Incorporate a link to your mobile apps in your social media profiles. Social channels provide a great opportunity to promote your app. Facebook and Twitter both offer app – install ads.
  • Review websites – Add/ submit your app description and screenshots into different app review services. This will get you a number of downloads for your app which is good. This will give you ideas to improve your app which is better. It is is probably the fastest way to the top. Some review websites are Startup Pich , , AndroidPolice , etc..
  • Use Tools for Send Multiple Emails -There are multiple tools available for sending multiple mails. Like etc… These all tools are help you to send multiple Emails.
  • Personal invitation – Send download link and tell your friends, mates, your circle about your app and ask them to download your app and give rating with good text comment. You can send personal invitation to your friends using Whattsapp . (This works well)
  • Make it free Attract more users compared to paid apps. So this isn’t a way to promote your app but it’s a marketing strategy. Making your app free will ensure that every one of the rest of the suggestions below is more effective by 10x or more, releasing a paid app, especially on Android.
  • Application Size – Reducing the app size allows users on 3G to download with ease. (>50mb)

I hope you like this article. Share your reviews to to make this article more better. Now we will learn and discuss about one by one topic in further articles. Now you can easily promote your app without spending money.

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